MD ARSHAD ANSARI is a Management planner and trainer. His personality is very dynamic and flexible. He has born on 27 March1974 at Allahabad India. He has created a successful distribution business throughout India and possesses many years of experience in the field of consulting, training and coaching in the areas of direct marketing, strategic communication, crisis management, and organizational leadership. He is multilingual, so he speaks several languages and has lived and worked in several parts of India.

He has not only worked in India but also different countries. Due to his international background, he possesses a rare sense for cultural differences and their role in multinational corporations. He is capable of both quickly assessing complex business issues and guiding a comprehensive response while providing culturally diverse client partners with a depth of understanding and competence. He also acquired substantial sales and marketing experience with multinational companies. He works with business owners, managers, leaders, executives, students and who want strategies to excel and win in leadership. His outstanding style of communicating issues to people, organizations and leaders leaves them mesmerized and seeking for more. He has expertise in training of body language and human attitude. He is passionate to make a difference in people's lives.

His guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring. He believes in going together growing together. He has done post graduate and MBA from Allahabad University Allahabad. As he has been management student thus he follows some nice line in his life. Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them. He always recognizes that human individuals are ends, and do not use them as means to your end.

He believes the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can be very often traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people. He has been a team player always and believes in team building and teamwork. No man is an island and no person has made to the top on his own. Believe that your success is also dependent on others and be willing to help them get to the top and see how your live changes. He also thought that if you want to success, you should go extra miles because there is no competition on those extra miles.

He is also child care management expert along with Management planning and training, He provides trainings regarding child care management.

He loves driving and cooking. In his spare timing he enjoys long drives and cooking. His interest in writing poet learning about and exploring foreign cultures has turned him into a fan of travel literature.